Where Our Justice Began

Developing a fair and equitable justice system was a hard and difficult climb. In many ways the story of the miracle of Athens is the story of our early struggle to develop formal jurisprudence. It involved a struggle to leave the nightmare of a dark and vicious tyranny.

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Shopping Justice

No, we aren't referring to forum shopping. Here we look at laws that pertain to shopping. More specifically, we have some references to law that protects consumers in their transactions with retailers, whether in a store, a mall, on line, or international.

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Auto Justice

If you bought a lemon, there are things you can do... if you don't wait too long. If you have problems with a garage or mechanic, you need to know the do's and the don'ts.

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Have You Been Sued?

You have been sued. Someone thinks you did them wrong, hired a lawyer, filed their suit at the courthouse with the allegations against you, had you served with process, and asked a judge to make a judgment against you. Whoever sued you wants something from you, usually money. That person wants a judge to order you to do something like, for example, take $25,000 of your money or property and give it to the person who sued you.

You want information and you need help.

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